1. having a comfortable, natural, or homely appearance, as if subject to regular use or habitation

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How to use lived-in in a sentence

  • The novel has a calm authority, a wisdom that feels lived-in and hard-earned.

  • The room in which she sat had a much-lived-in air and a pleasant old-fashioned shabbiness of aspect.

  • "That place looks lived-in," said Brett, indicating an open apartment window with a curtain billowing above a potted geranium.

    It Could Be Anything | John Keith Laumer
  • It had a lived-in air, and a thin wreath of smoke floated above the kitchen chimney.

    The Brightener | C. N. Williamson
  • By the end of the week the cottage presented quite a lived-in appearance.

    Dandelion Cottage | Carroll Watson Rankin
  • It was a room fashioned for a small person to live in but it wasn't lived-in.

    The Fourth R | George Oliver Smith