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/ ləʊdz /

plural noun

  1. often foll by of a lot

    loads to eat


  1. (intensifier)

    thanks loads

    loads better

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Example Sentences

After plane loads of wheat seeds were sent to India in the 1960s, farmers there were able to boost production by a factor of four.

“Source cases” with very high HIV viral loads were six times more likely to transmit HIV to health-care workers.

In turn, always happy to save money, corporate America will no doubt reward Republicans with loads of campaign cash.

Hippopotamuses eat aquatic vegetation, like water hyacinths—loads of it, Irwin learned.

Picking my way between fully exposed pie wagons and wide-loads, I did, however, feel quite fit and trim myself.

Going back, found that the lighter loads of wounded already taken off have by no means cleared the beach.

In their attacks upon one another loads are forgotten and often seriously damaged.

The men brought trophies and the women brought heavy loads of meat.

But the men returned with many trophies and the women brought heavy loads of meat.

He and I went through many distant places in India with camel caravans, carrying loads of silver and gold, spices and fruits.


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