abbreviation for

  1. locative.

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Example Sentences

In the 1999 Kargil War, the Pakistani army crossed the LOC to seize mountain heights controlling a key highway in Kashmir.

(LOC 948-957) Of course, that's not the way Venezuela is reported in the United States.

(LOC 1132-1139) The sexes differ psychologically as well as physiologically.

(LOC 3507-3510) The most dangerous consequence of sexual attraction, however, is the corrosion of unit cohesion.

(LOC 432) The army's standard fragmentation grenade has a blast radius of 15 meters.

As he spoke, King Loc, grave and tender, had something of the gentle beauty of a majestic poodle.

Here a palace with low portals extended its ponderous expanse; it was the palace of King Loc.

King Loc preceded the others along the dim path and Honey-Bee followed him holding to a tip of the royal mantle.

At last King Loc came to a bronze door which he opened and out of which poured a blaze of light.

Then some one gently touched her on the shoulder, and she saw King Loc wrapped in a black cloak.