[ lok ]


  1. Al·ain Le·Roy [al, -in l, uh, -, roi, lee, -roi], 1886–1954, U.S. educator and author.
  2. David Ross Petroleum V. Nasby, 1833–88, U.S. humorist and journalist.
  3. John, 1632–1704, English philosopher.


/ lɒk /


  1. LockeJohn16321704MEnglishPHILOSOPHY: philosopher John. 1632–1704, English philosopher, who discussed the concept of empiricism in his Essay Concerning Human Understanding (1690). He influenced political thought, esp in France and America, with his Two Treatises on Government (1690), in which he sanctioned the right to revolt
  2. LockeMatthew?16301677MEnglishMUSIC: composer Matthew. ?1630–77, English composer, esp of works for the stage

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That distinction leaves it up to Locke to disclose whether she was paid to post it — as would be required by the Federal Trade Commission’s endorsement guidelines — but that’s only if she was, in fact, paid to post it.

From Digiday

Instead of appearing on TikTok as a result of purchasing ad inventory through the platform’s ad sales team or self-serve ad-buying tool, Locke’s post was uploaded to the platform as an organic video.

From Digiday

Locke was keen to highlight the bigger picture of people’s full humanity beyond gender identity as well as focus on Ari’s words and feelings about their words, rather than labeling their gender on the page.

From Time

Locke told us in an interview that the line between lobbying and educating at the institute was unclear.

Although Drew Locke, Brett Rypien and Blake Bortles have shown no symptoms, they were placed in five-day quarantine as high-risk close contacts to Jeff Driskel.

By 2002, he was sitting alongside Pope on the board of the John Locke Foundation.

Chu left the administration in 2013, Locke went on to become Ambassador to China, and then resigned this year.

Locke mentioned it in his Second Treatise on Government; Milton dreamed of it in Paradise Lost.

He replaces former Washington governor and Secretary of Commerce Gary Locke who stepped down earlier this year.

In his Second Treatise of Government, Locke helped lay the conceptual groundwork for the American rebellion.

She possessed also a great and philosophic mind, and wrote an able defence of Locke.

He wore thin sireduelt in a smooky roofe, must take tobacco and must weare a locke.'

We must here repeat what Locke has so strongly urged—Define your terms.

John Locke, an American physician and naturalist, died at Cincinnati, aged 64.

This is kindred to the saying of Locke, that "men of much reading are greatly learned, but may be little knowing."


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