[ lok-hahrt, lok-ert ]


  1. John Gibson, 1794–1854, Scottish biographer and novelist.

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Example Sentences

For the final episode in our spring Wild Files series, we tell the story of Lockhart’s brave journey from a painful childhood to the healing waters that she now wants to share with everyone.

The site is among all the major ones Lockhart had identified as promising for ferret recovery during his tenure as the official recovery coordinator.

Kalinda or Alicia or Diane or even Will: they were all there at Lockhart Gardner longer than my character was.

You begin to realize how much of the old Lockhart Gardner was, really, a marriage of Will and Diane.

That is, until she started her fifth year as the elegant, masterful Diane Lockhart on The Good Wife.

It turns out that Mr. Lockhart, the lone stranger at the card table, is actually the Devil himself.

Saul is out—a casualty of Lockhart's new regime—but he'll almost certainly get roped back in.

I felt quite sure that Mr Lockhart would find her, he is such an obliging and amiable man, as well as clever.

Mr Lockhart said he had nothing to pay, and hoped he would have the pleasure of seeing him soon again.

From time to time Lockhart gave vent to a grim laugh, and Spivin displayed his feelings in a too-amiable smile.

Major Lockhart's lively letter gives one a longing for the fresh, breezy life and fine scenery it conjures up.

Ushered in with what Lockhart calls, a "modest and manly preface," the Kilmarnock volume went forth to the world.





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