lock nut

or lock·nut

noun Machinery.
  1. a nut specially constructed to prevent its coming loose, usually having a means of providing extra friction between itself and the screw.
  2. Also called jam nut. a thin supplementary nut screwed down upon a regular nut to prevent its loosening.

Origin of lock nut

First recorded in 1860–65
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Examples from the Web for locknut

Historical Examples of locknut

  • A locknut is used beneath the notched nut to hold the adjustment.

  • A locknut is used to hold the screw in any desired position.

  • When the bolt has been screwed down sufficiently tight a locknut may be put on, or the first nut soldered to the end of the bolt.

British Dictionary definitions for locknut


  1. a supplementary nut screwed down upon a primary nut to prevent it from shaking loose
  2. a threaded nut having a feature, such as a nylon insert, to prevent it from shaking loose
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