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[ lok-out ]


  1. the temporary closing of a business or the refusal by an employer to allow employees to come to work until they accept the employer's terms.


  1. The withholding of work from employees and closing down of a plant by an employer during a labor dispute.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lockout1

First recorded in 1850–55; noun use of verb phrase lock out

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Example Sentences

It’s why the support of a well designed lockout is so nice on a big bike.

I have a lot of long, mellow climbs and a few mid-sized steep ones, and if a lockout will make them quicker and more comfortable, I’ll happily use it.

That may have upped the risk of a lockout, and an all-Republican runoff.

Hart’s goals saved versus average is already among the worst performances since the league emerged from the lockout in 2005, with a chance to move to the very bottom if he plays 30 games or more at his current pace.

ESPN last broadcast NHL games in 2004, before the league lost the 2004-05 season to a lockout.

Matters escalated from there, with threats of a strike and a lockout making headlines throughout the summer.

That figure represents the serious cut that the players took to settle the 2011 lockout, when it was slashed from 57 percent.

Local businesses that rely on the traffic generated by hockey games are feeling the effects of the lockout.

The lockout may not put a crimp in the day of the typical sports fan.

And a shocking number of people spend the night in hotels, so [the lockout] is really a big impact for those businesses.

To attain their end these associations made liberal use of the lockout, the blacklist, and armed guards and detectives.

There is nothing legally or morally wrong in a strike or lockout when properly conducted.

The strike and the lockout become potential, but they impend as possibilities and do their work.

The bricklayers attempted to hold a meeting at Greenebaum's hall Friday night to discuss what they termed "the bosses' lockout."

He was sure the lockout would not last long, because there was so much disaffection among the bosses.


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