[ lohd-n ]
/ ˈloʊd n /
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a thick, heavily fulled, waterproof fabric, used in coats and jackets for cold climates.
Also called loden green . the deep olive-green color of this fabric.
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Origin of loden

1910–15; <German; Old High German lodo; compare Old English lotha cloak, Old Norse lothi fur cloak, lothinn shaggy
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How to use loden in a sentence

  • Great bodyes move but slowely, especially when they move on three leggs and are over-loden with weighty occasions.

  • It was the exact image of the engineer on the Danube boat—blue jeans, loden cloak, and all.

    Greenmantle|John Buchan
  • While they stand at the window looking at the moon, there enters a lean, well-built, taciturn young man dressed in Loden.

British Dictionary definitions for loden

/ (ˈləʊdən) /

a thick heavy waterproof woollen cloth with a short pile, used to make garments, esp coats
a dark bluish-green colour, in which the cloth is often made

Word Origin for loden

German, from Old High German lodo thick cloth, perhaps related to Old English lotha cloak
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