[ lef-ler ]


  1. Charles Martin Tor·nov [tawr, -nof], 1861–1935, U.S. violinist and composer, born in France.

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Example Sentences

Loeffler’s office acknowledged that she had turned over documents related to stock sales she said she did not actively participate in.

In the end, those discrepancies gave Perdue and Loeffler a few hundred additional votes — not enough to alter the outcome, officials said.

They were disappointed in the league’s response, a two-sentence statement that did not address Loeffler’s future in the WNBA.

These are just some of the attacks — many of them misleading — that Loeffler, in particular, launched nonstop at Warnock.

For months, the situation has created an awkward public division between Loeffler and the Dream’s players.

From Quartz

All scientific writers upon diphtheria agree that it is caused by the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus.

It is caused by the Klebs-Loeffler bacillus, and it most frequently attacks the throat and nostrils.

Loeffler did the same thing, in the same year for diphtheria, and Nicolaier for lockjaw; while Kuno produced antipyrene.

"Vance, this is Loeffler," boomed a voice in considerable contrast to the senator's own mild tone.

Sigmund Loeffler opened a folder which lay on his desk and started sifting through its contents.