log out

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  1. Also: log off to disconnect a remote terminal from a multiaccess system by entering (an identification number, password, etc)

  1. Also: logout the process by which a computer user logs out

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How to use log out in a sentence

  • That August, Mangan went on the MacBook laptop they shared and discovered that he had forgotten to log out.

  • One of them hauled a hollow maple log out of the dbris and threw it to one side as being too heavy for a quick fire.

    A Virginia Scout | Hugh Pendexter
  • Youll bring every log out o that backwater or Ill know why, he thundered.

    The Boss of Wind River | David Goodger (goodger@python.org)
  • It was no easy task for Sam and Andy to pull the log out of the way, as they could hardly lift it to slip the rope under.

  • While he was near them they hid behind a hemlock log out of which many tiny hemlocks were growing.

    Among the Night People | Clara Dillingham Pierson
  • There is a big log out yonder—a favorite spot of theirs—down which they travel and jump off into the river.