/ (ˈləʊɡɪ) /

  1. (in Australia) one of the awards made annually for outstanding television performances

Origin of Logie

C20: after John Logie Baird

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How to use Logie in a sentence

  • Captain Logie determined to find so much for them to do that the Bellona should have the Courageux to herself.

  • Wemyss of Logie was one of the king's courtiers; a tall, handsome lad he was, and a favourite with both king and queen.

    Stories from the Ballads | Mary MacGregor
  • The young Laird of Logie would fain have tarried with the brave Danish maid, but not a moment was there to lose.

    Stories from the Ballads | Mary MacGregor
  • First we had to have a permanent home, a “Logie,” which is much like a bungalow, only more open and quite high and dry.

    Up the Mazaruni for Diamonds | William La Varre
  • Eventually both were received into favour again, though the Laird of Logie was constantly in political trouble.