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[ lawg-jam, log- ]


  1. an immovable pileup or tangle of logs, log, as in a river, causing a blockage.
  2. any blockage or massive accumulation:

    a logjam of bills before Congress.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of logjam1

First recorded in 1880–85; log 1 + jam 1
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Example Sentences

We’re seeing an astronomical rise in shipping rates, a dramatic lengthening of transit times and a logjam of cargo at every port.

Though short on money, the proposed infrastructure bill does address approval logjams.

Adam Piore examines why brilliant ideas that should succeed sometimes get stuck, and how a crisis like covid-19 may help break the logjam.

The Kingston spill broke a long-standing logjam in Washington.

Yet this minuscule improvement breaks through both a theoretical logjam and a psychological one.

But what he could not answer was how he would break the political logjam in Congress.

As the story that broke the logjam, "Birthday Boy" is a fascinating read.

But with a bipartisan alliance of radicals in Washington, the logjam of political dysfunction will finally be broken.

If you let somebody logjam the process, then it becomes a big problem at the end.

And he had broken ground on Porto Açu, a massive deepwater port meant to break the logjam of Brazilian shipping.

Rather wud I have perished in a logjam thin to've indured this ingratichood.