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  1. being alone; without company or accompaniment; solitary; unaccompanied: a lone traveler.

  2. standing by itself or apart; isolated: a lone house in the valley.

  1. sole; single; only: That company constitutes our lone competitor in the field.

  2. without companionship; lonesome; lonely.

  3. unmarried or widowed.

Origin of lone

1325–75; Middle English; aphetic var of alone, used attributively

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1. See alone.

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  • loneness, noun

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/ (ləʊn) /

  1. unaccompanied; solitary

  2. single or isolated: a lone house

  1. a literary word for lonely

  2. unmarried or widowed

Origin of lone

C14: from the mistaken division of alone into a lone

Derived forms of lone

  • loneness, noun

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