long game


  1. the aspect of golf considered in relation to the ability of a player to hit shots, especially drives, for distance. Compare short game ( def 1 ).
  2. a card game in which all cards in the pack are dealt before play. Compare short game ( def 2 ).

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Example Sentences

Chin was betrayed by a defector, and his backstory was a jaw-dropping example of how well China’s intelligence services played the long game.

Given Chair Khan’s position that the FTC itself needs to be overhauled and empowered in order to bring actions like this against companies like Facebook, it seems clear that all these are merely the opening gambits in a long, long game.

On the 589th day, which fell on March 5, he declared it “clean,” but he’s still going back to make sure no new trash has appeared, and now he’s starting to clean other local parks, too, because he knows addressing pollution is a long game.

Playing the long game, a number of funds — from the Horizons Marijuana Life Sciences Index to the Alternative Harvest ETF — are trading exclusively in cannabis stocks.

From Ozy

If he looked untrained, as if he were thrust into a new position in the fourth hour of a long game in the third month of a long season — that’s because he had never played first in a 10-year career.

“I think being a one-trick pony is not the long game here,” Fishman says.

The long game is investing in this generation of civilian leaders, thinkers, organizers, and journalists.

That gave you the freedom to play the long game and plot the story out over 26 episodes as opposed to only 13.

Both companies believe they are at the beginning of a long game.

And by focusing on products that are useful, and not just the “coolest,” Facebook is betting on the long game.

To be more accurate, I was unable to find a shortness—my long game was admirably strong and lofty.

Square-Peg and I restrained our enthusiasm by a long game of chess.

Long game: Driving from the tee and playing through the green.

During that long game on the lawn her feelings had been very bitter.

So fell the first of these fortresses, which were the counters in that long game played on the chess-board of a continent.





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