long mark

  1. another name for macron

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How to use long mark in a sentence

  • Then I remembered that it was the praying day, and so I only put down the long mark and rested.

    By Canoe and Dog-Train | Egerton Ryerson Young
  • Now and then a long mark in the clay showed that a pig had slipped down, and been dragged along for a little way.

    The Secret Rose | W. B. Yeats
  • There is nothing that can long mark their resting places or keep them from being desecrated by the share of the plowman.

    Fifty Years In The Northwest | William Henry Carman Folsom
  • As it happened, they were not inside of my cages, by a long mark!

    The History of The Hen Fever | George P. Burnham
  • This is the spot Which I have long mark'd out to lay my bones in.