[ lawng-suhf-er-uhns, -suhf-ruhns, long- ]
/ ˈlɔŋˈsʌf ər əns, -ˈsʌf rəns, ˈlɒŋ- /
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Origin of long-sufferance

First recorded in 1520–30
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What does long-sufferance mean?

Long-sufferance is an outdated term for longsuffering—the patient endurance of negative situations without complaint. It can refer to a quality, an ability, or an instance of such endurance.

The term is considered an archaic version of long-suffering, meaning it was commonly used in an earlier time but is rare in current usage.

Long-suffering is often used in situations in which someone has endured pain, injury, illness, hardship, tragedy, or difficulty in accomplishing something. In religious contexts, it’s discussed as a virtue, especially one involving being patient and slow to get angry. A close synonym is forbearance.

The term long-suffering is also commonly used as an adjective to describe someone who patiently endures negative situations for long periods of time without complaining.

Example: The text describes several virtues that are considered the most important, including steadfastness and long-sufferance.

Where does long-sufferance come from?

The first records of the term long-sufferance come from around 1400. It uses the word sufferance in the way that we now use suffering (but sufferance is no longer used this way). In long-sufferance, it isn’t necessarily used in the sense of experiencing agonizing physical or emotional pain. It can refer to this, but the suffering experienced isn’t necessarily this intense.

Long-suffering can be used in a range of situations, ranging from patiently tolerating annoyances to enduring long periods of serious illness. However, long-sufferance has traditionally been used in more serious situations, or in religious discussion of virtues.

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How is long-sufferance used in real life?

Long-sufferance is rarely used today, but it’s modern synonym long-suffering is common.


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