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[ look-doun ]


  1. the appearance of paper when inspected under reflected light.

look down


  1. intr, adverb; foll by on or upon to express or show contempt or disdain (for)
  2. look down one's nose at informal.
    look down one's nose at to be contemptuous or disdainful of

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Example Sentences

One bite too many, and I could look down and practically see my thighs expanding before my eyes.

At the end of their call, the kid told Becker he would still walk over the bridge, but from now on would not look down.

They take you to this big window and you look down at all these people in suits and ties and say, “This is your flock.”

Herzog belongs to a long line of American intellectual heroes who come to look down on the purely intellectual life.

I look down for a second and miss the coming together of the items.

Several times after this the boy and his sisters came to look down into the pig pen.

But as we came opposite camp, MacRae took a notion to look down and see what they were about.

“I used rather to look down upon Europe as a place where people knew nothing at all,” said he.

He stopped suddenly, however, and pulled out of the machine to look down at Chub.

You enter the inn, and the old Quentin Durward court-yard, on which the old towers look down.


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