loose order

  1. military a formation in which soldiers, units, etc, are widely separated from each other

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How to use loose order in a sentence

  • Colonel Knox gave an order for his men to form loose order and gallop, and thus they got out of danger with not a man hit.

    Four Months Besieged | H. H. S. Pearse
  • The Mamelukes came on in somewhat loose order, their line extending to, perhaps, twice the width of the square.

    Yule Logs | Various
  • At the moment when the detachment, which was marching in rather loose order, reached the rancho, the monk dismounted.

    The Rebel Chief | Gustave Aimard
  • The Arabs, expecting to gain an easy victory, advanced in loose order to the attack.

    Ned Garth | W. H. G. Kingston
  • They were in loose order, but the movement was plainly concerted, with all the look of a vernal migration.

    A Florida Sketch-Book | Bradford Torrey