[ loos-lee ]
/ ˈlus li /
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in a way that is not secure, tight, or restrained:Cover the chicken loosely with foil so the spices don't burn.After filling up, the driver loosely closed the gas cap, which subsequently fell off as they headed down the highway.
in a way that is not firm, rigid, or taut:Roll the cut strip of fabric loosely, with the pattern side in.A chain, secured at the top and bottom but hanging loosely against the rock, assists with the final steep ascent.
in a way that is relaxed or limber:Bend forward with your head and arms hanging down loosely.
(of a structure or arrangement) in a way that is not compact and allows space between parts or components:The flour should be loosely packed and fluffy, rather than tamped into a solid block.The superficial fat layer is made up of tightly packed fat cells, whereas in the deeper layers the cells are more loosely arranged.
in a way that is not strict or precise:Romania was made famous in the West by the legend of Dracula, based loosely on Vlad the Impaler.The term is often used rather loosely to refer to any group with identifiable shared characteristics.
in a way that has few restraints and allows for freedom of independent action:The cooperative buys organic soybeans from a loosely organized group of independent Michigan growers, and resells the beans to customers in Japan and elsewhere.
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o·ver·loose·ly, adverb
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