[ lawrd-lee ]
/ ˈlɔrd li /

adjective, lord·li·er, lord·li·est.

suitable for a lord, as trappings or ceremonies; grand or magnificent.
insolently imperious; haughty; arrogant; overbearing: lordly contempt.
of or relating to a lord.
having the character or attributes of a lord.
befitting a lord, as actions: lordly manners.


Also lord·li·ly. in the manner of a lord.

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Origin of lordly

before 1000; Middle English; Old English hlāfordlīc. See lord, -ly

Related formslord·li·ness, noun

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/ (ˈlɔːdlɪ) /

adjective -lier or -liest

haughty; arrogant; proud
of or befitting a lord


archaic in the manner of a lord
Derived Formslordliness, noun

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Word Origin and History for lordly



14c., from Old English hlafordlic "lordly, noble;" see lord (n.) + -ly (1). As an adverb from mid-14c.

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