[ luh-rahy-kuh, law-, loh- ]
/ ləˈraɪ kə, lɔ-, loʊ- /

noun, plural lo·ri·cae [luh-rahy-see, -kee, law-, loh-] /ləˈraɪ si, -ki, lɔ-, loʊ-/.

Zoology. a hard protective case or sheath, as the protective coverings secreted by certain protists.
a cuirass or corselet, originally of leather.

Origin of lorica

1700–10; (def 1) < New Latin, special use of Latin lōrīca corselet (orig. of leather), akin to lōrum thong; (def 2) < Latin
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British Dictionary definitions for lorica

/ (lɒˈraɪkə) /

noun plural -cae (-siː, -kiː)

the hard outer covering of rotifers, ciliate protozoans, and similar organisms
an ancient Roman cuirass of leather or metal

Derived forms of lorica

loricate (ˈlɒrɪˌkeɪt) or loricated, adjective

Word Origin for lorica

C18: from New Latin, from Latin: leather cuirass; related to lōrum thong
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