[ luh-rahy-kuh, law-, loh- ]
/ ləˈraɪ kə, lɔ-, loʊ- /

noun, plural lo·ri·cae [luh-rahy-see, -kee, law-, loh-] /ləˈraɪ si, -ki, lɔ-, loʊ-/.

Zoology. a hard protective case or sheath, as the protective coverings secreted by certain protists.
a cuirass or corselet, originally of leather.

Origin of lorica

1700–10; (def 1) < New Latin, special use of Latin lōrīca corselet (orig. of leather), akin to lōrum thong; (def 2) < Latin
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/ (lɒˈraɪkə) /

noun plural -cae (-siː, -kiː)

the hard outer covering of rotifers, ciliate protozoans, and similar organisms
an ancient Roman cuirass of leather or metal
Derived Formsloricate (ˈlɒrɪˌkeɪt) or loricated, adjective

Word Origin for lorica

C18: from New Latin, from Latin: leather cuirass; related to lōrum thong
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