[ lawr-is, lohr- ]
/ ˈlɔr ɪs, ˈloʊr- /

noun, plural lo·ris.

Also called slender loris. a small, slender, tailless, large-eyed, nocturnal lemur, Loris gracilis, of southern India and Sri Lanka.
Also called slow loris. a similar but stockier lemur of the genus Nycticebus, of southeastern Asia: N. pygmaeus is a threatened species.

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Origin of loris

1765–75; < New Latin < Dutch loeris simpleton, equivalent to loer stupid person (< French lourd < Latin lūridus lurid) + -is -ish1
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/ (ˈlɔːrɪs) /

noun plural -ris

any of several omnivorous nocturnal slow-moving prosimian primates of the family Lorisidae, of S and SE Asia, esp Loris tardigradus (slow loris) and Nycticebus coucang (slender loris), having vestigial digits and no tails

Word Origin for loris

C18: from French; of uncertain origin
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