[ lawr-nuh ]


  1. a female given name.

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Example Sentences

Until Lorna’s death, when we began to look at this issue, I had no idea about the cultural issues embedded in health care around not being able to take a break or seek care.

From Time

Lorna planted several pin flags, then we continued cruising.

Lorna Morello and Nicky Nichols are two of the most important characters on Orange Is the New Black.

Mosse said he was delighted to be appearing alongside Lorna Simpson, Jochen Lempert and Alberto García-Alix.

Her half-sister Lorna Luft is, but is anyone making sure Liza's not near open flame or an exposed electronic cable?

Her sisters are called Isabella Amaryllis Charlotte and Pandora Lorna Mary.

Mr. Blackmore had made his late beginning some time before: and had just caught the public ear unmistakably with Lorna Doone .

On the whole, there is good ground for gratitude that the public was so slow to see the "real excellence" of Lorna.

But so long as a Queen has beauty and dignity, she does not need to be interesting; and Lorna is the queen of this romance.

Lorna danced and tossed her head and chewed upon her bit with impatience.

"I will not have you revile yourself," said Lorna, very tenderly—just as I had meant to make her.