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lose out


  1. intr, adverb to be defeated or unsuccessful
  2. lose out on
    lose out on to fail to secure or make use of

    we lost out on the sale

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Example Sentences

Which parts did you lose out on because you looked older than your age?

Those of us whose grandparents did come from somewhere between Minsk and Vienna also lose out.

According to this criterion, Arab citizens, affiliated with the Palestinian people, inevitably lose out.

But will the “mancovery” story have legs, or will it lose out to the “richer sex” narrative?

It made the final of the 1974 and 1978 World Cups, only to lose out to West Germany and Argentina, respectively.

If they don't; and if Norcross stays and keeps his fire burning; you fellows lose out.

That sort of crookedness may win for a little while, but it's bound to lose out in the long run.

I been keeping an ace in the hole in case we should lose out on the appeal.

But I've made up my mind to win out or lose out on the capital you gave me.

True, I might shoot; but there the Police would take a hand in the game, and I would lose out badly.


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