lose heart

Become discouraged, as in The rescuers worked hard for the first few hours, but then they lost heart. This term uses heart in the sense of “courage” or “spirit.” [Mid-1800s] Also see lose one's heart to.

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How to use lose heart in a sentence

  • Not for a moment did the brave man lose heart or suffer himself to grow weary in his difficult task.

    A short history of Rhode Island | George Washington Greene
  • I felt that if I thought the matter over I might lose heart, so I suddenly bounded into the arena.

  • But don't you lose heart, Jim, for I'm sure this isn't the end of our story, by any means.

  • A young soldier must not lose heart because he finds he is a prisoner.

    The Young Castellan | George Manville Fenn
  • But weeds have this virtue: they are not easily discouraged; they never lose heart entirely; they die game.

    A Year in the Fields | John Burroughs