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lost soul

[ lawst sohl, lost ]


  1. a person who seems to lack direction or a sense of belonging in life:

    He was described as a "lost soul" who was estranged from his family and fell into crime.

    The film focuses on four lost souls: a disgraced TV anchor, a rebellious teen, an isolated single mom, and a self-absorbed music nerd.

  2. a person on the way to hell or perdition:

    Their preaching focused on bringing lost souls to repentance through God's love.

  3. the damned soul or restless spirit of a dead person:

    Ghosts are spirits who cannot reincarnate again, and are miserable lost souls.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lost soul1

First recorded in 1640–50
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Example Sentences

I have never met a lost soul saved by the culture war battles that are fought in Washington.

I've been working with a little more comprehension than a machine, and still feeling like a lost soul.

The Lost Soul was lifted old and solemn and gray in the cold light and shadow of the 68 night.

A bird screamed somewhere in the distance, sounding like a lost soul in agony; the sound was repeated, and then there was silence.

At these words the chief rabbi fell back upon his chair, and began to lament over my lost soul.

Every nation has its story of Psyche, the lost soul of things, but none is more beautiful than the tale of Gerda and Kay.





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