[ loo-ee ]


  1. a male given name, form of Louis.

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Example Sentences

As they swapped wild stories, Louie realized that he had far more than she did.

That read to Louie as more measured than the free-spirited women he usually gravitates toward.

Louie heard, “If you’re on H Street and looking to hang out here’s my number.”

Though Louie currently works in construction as a project engineer, he studied archaeology in college and hopes to return to the field one day.

For takeout there is nothing better than Frank and Louie’s on Baltimore Avenue.

Nobody died from Ebola, or ISIS or Honduran children, unless it was in a goofball-induced, Louie Gohmert fever dream.

That was the main thing, plus he writes a really good letter, and Louie is just a really great guy.

It is hard to recommend exactly what to order because Louie's food changes daily.

Louie's Backyard is one of many good places to eat in town, but for us it is the Key West restaurant.

A table on the three-tiered deck of Louie's Backyard is an enchanting place to dine, especially in the evening.

I don't know whether Kitty supposed my groan the commiseration for Louie Causton.

He spoke with a proprietorial air as one might of a household pet, pronouncing the name of his city Louie.

With Louie, handsome and brazen, who always seemed to thrust her hip at him, he usually joked.

Louie Howe gave a light tap and marched in with an air that was rather insolent.

Just as they were getting out Louie Howe caught her skirt on something and there was a tear.