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[loo-ga-roo; English loo-guh-roo]
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noun, plural loups-ga·rous [loo-ga-roo; English loo-guh-rooz] /lu gaˈru; English ˌlu gəˈruz/. French.
  1. a werewolf; lycanthrope.
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gremlin, scare, hobgoblin, ogre, apprehension, bugaboo, fear, bogey, dread, threat, terror, problem, goblin, specter, wraith, loup-garou, bogy, boogeyman

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Historical Examples of loup-garou

  • He had often heard tales of the loup-garou, or witch wolf, whom no bullet could kill.

    Followers of the Trail

    Zoe Meyer

  • He is kin with those creatures of legend, the loup-garou, the vampire.

  • How can we deceive ourselves and say there is no loup-garou?

    A Lover in Homespun

    F. Clifford Smith

  • The legend of the loup-garou had no place in the land they had entered.

    A Lover in Homespun

    F. Clifford Smith

  • The trapper thinks of the "loup-garou," but no wolf-demon of native legend devoured the very real substance of that fox.