[ louuhr, lou-er ]
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noun, verb (used without object),lour·ed, lour·ing.
  1. a variant of lower2.

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How to use lour in a sentence

  • How peaceful lies this palace, yet I see The war clouds lour upon its roofs.

    The Buddha | Paul Carus
  • She particularly wanted to go out with her brother for half an lour, and she did not wish to leave the house empty.

    Rogues and Vagabonds | George R. Sims
  • As for the lour in my pocket, I am a forsworn man if I deliver it not to-morrow.

    Captain Ravenshaw | Robert Neilson Stephens
  • For the leaden lour of the heavens pointed to the coming of a storm.

    Aletta | Bertram Mitford
  • Ils n'osoront assentir tant qu'ils eussent conseillez et avysez les Communes de lour pais.

British Dictionary definitions for lour



/ (laʊə) /

  1. a variant spelling of lower 2

Derived forms of lour

  • louring or lowering, adjective
  • louringly or loweringly, adverb

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