[ lou-zee ]
/ ˈlaʊ zi /

adjective, lous·i·er, lous·i·est.

infested with lice.
  1. mean or contemptible: That was a lousy thing to do.
  2. wretchedly bad; miserable: a lousy job; I feel lousy.


    lousy with, Slang. well supplied with or filled with, often to excess: Our city is lousy with bad drivers. I wish I were lousy with money like my boss.

Origin of lousy

First recorded in 1350–1400, lousy is from the Middle English word lousi. See louse, -y1


Related forms

lous·i·ly, adverblous·i·ness, noun
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Examples from the Web for lousiness

  • Pediculosis: a state of lousiness, or the abnormal condition caused by the multiplication of lice on the body: sec phthiriasis.

  • Thus, we have Pediculid (the source of lousiness), Philopterid, and Liotheid.

    Parasites|T. Spencer Cobbold
  • I had not known a bath during all the time I was on the Somme and lousiness was part and parcel of my make-up.

    S.O.S. Stand to!|Reginald Grant

British Dictionary definitions for lousiness


/ (ˈlaʊzɪ) /

adjective lousier or lousiest

slang very mean or unpleasanta lousy thing to do
slang inferior or badthis is a lousy film
infested with lice
(foll by with) slang
  1. provided with an excessive amount (of)he's lousy with money
  2. full of or teeming with

Derived Forms

lousily, adverblousiness, noun
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