a European plant, Levisticum officinale, of the parsley family, having coarsely toothed compound leaves, cultivated in gardens.

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Origin of lovage

1350–1400; Middle English loveache < Anglo-French luvesche (by association with ache celery < Latin apium) < Old English lufestice (by syncope) < Medieval Latin levistica, for Late Latin levisticum, alteration of Latin ligusticum lovage, noun use of neuter of Ligusticus Ligurian

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a European umbelliferous plant, Levisticum officinale, with greenish-white flowers and aromatic fruits, which are used for flavouring food
Scotch lovage a similar and related plant, Ligusticum scoticum, of N Europe

Word Origin for lovage

C14 loveache, from Old French luvesche, from Late Latin levisticum, from Latin ligusticum, literally: Ligurian (plant)

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