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love letter

  1. a letter or note written by someone to his or her sweetheart or lover
  2. (in Malaysia) a type of biscuit, made from eggs and rice flour and rolled into a cylinder
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Examples from the Web for love letter

Historical Examples

  • Was there ever a very young girl who did not, on receiving her first love-letter?


    Dinah Maria Craik, (AKA Dinah Maria Mulock)

  • Probably the girl had been writing some fortunate fellow a love-letter.

  • And each what you might call a Regular One-er of a love-letter.

    The Dop Doctor

    Clotilde Inez Mary Graves

  • Lynette's first love-letter, and it seemed to her so beautiful.

    The Dop Doctor

    Clotilde Inez Mary Graves

  • He'd put the love-letter an' the ring in her hand forthwith.