[ luhv-uh-buhl ]


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  • un·lovea·ble adjective
  • un·lovea·ble·ness noun
  • un·lovea·bly adverb

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Example Sentences

They have to be loveable, too – something that has been the hallmark of every great mockumentary since “This is Spinal Tap” more or less created the genre as we know it today.

The heavily managed state response to international demands for confirmation of Peng’s wellbeing has presented anything but a “loveable” image—though not for the lack of trying.

From Quartz

So what if we took Fromm’s advice and stopped thinking of love as a goal or a reward for being loveable.

From Time

And, unlike former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards, McDonnell didn't try to portray himself as a loveable rogue.

She simply knows and feels that Tyrion is a loveable person.

By report, Nurse Jackie is a fun and loveable nurse who just likes the drugs a bit too much.

“Julie Burchill is, of course, not loveable, and has pitifully late middle-aged legs,” he writes.

How did you make them loveable while still being repugnant and inappropriate?

Personally Farquhar was a most loveable man, and he appears to have lived and died a very gallant gentleman.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Heron's selfishness was of a gentle and even loveable type.

I think some of them are loveable girls, and it is pleasant to see them so happy and at home here.

By Bronzino there is a violin-player, a lad with a face beyond measure loveable.

She was a loveable little creature, and Amy found it one of her hardest trials to punish her.





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