[ loh-kuhn-tree ]
/ ˈloʊˌkʌn tri /


Often Low-Country. of or relating to the Low Countries.
of or relating to a low country.

Origin of low-country

First recorded in 1790–1800

Definition for low-country (2 of 3)

Low Countries

plural noun

the lowland region near the North Sea, forming the lower basin of the Rhine, Meuse, and Scheldt rivers, divided in the Middle Ages into numerous small states: corresponding to modern Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands.

Definition for low-country (3 of 3)

low country


a low-lying region or area, as the coastal plains of the Carolinas and Georgia.
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Low Countries

pl n

the lowland region of W Europe, on the North Sea: consists of Belgium, Luxembourg, and the Netherlands
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