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[ loh-lahy-ing ]


  1. lying near sea level or the ground surface. low-lying land.
  2. lying below the usual elevation or altitude.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of low-lying1

First recorded in 1855–60
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Example Sentences

Yet when the worldwide economy capsized in late 2008, the ripples of recession arrived like a King Tide to the low-lying island.

Throughout low-lying areas in New York and New Jersey, this same cry is heard: we need help, Congress, and we need it now.

The infrastructure protecting low-lying Amsterdam and Rotterdam are built to withstand 10,000-year storms.

Five feet of seawater tore through the streets of the low-lying Brooklyn neighborhood Monday night.

Mounting one of the low-lying walls that surround the park, Hall addressed the returned marchers.

They scurried down a long, dismal lane toward a low-lying range of hills pertly wooded with bald patches of barren earth and rock.

From the low-lying quarters of the towns the word buzzes in your ear with the confusion of a Babel.

As he spoke, an eddy of wind blew aside part of the fog, revealing through the rift a low-lying island.

He halted upon a knoll in the oat-field, and stood to breathe the cool air from the low-lying meadow.

Before us ran the turbulent river, vexed with plunging shells and obscured in spots by blue sheets of low-lying smoke.


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