[ loh-spir-i-tid ]
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  1. depressed; dejected: He is feeling rather low-spirited today.

Origin of low-spirited

First recorded in 1580–90

Other words for low-spirited

Other words from low-spirited

  • low-spir·it·ed·ly, adverb
  • low-spir·it·ed·ness, noun

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How to use low-spirited in a sentence

  • He, however, has moments of very low-spiritedness, and becomes almost despondent in the moods.

    Oscar Wilde | Leonard Cresswell Ingleby
  • Aunt Adeline has had her fit of low-spiritedness, now her own energetic self asserts itself.

    Zoe; Or, Some Day | May Leonard
  • During her spells of low-spiritedness, the only one who could sympathize with her was Mrs. St. James.

    Zoe; Or, Some Day | May Leonard

British Dictionary definitions for low-spirited


  1. depressed, dejected, or miserable

Derived forms of low-spirited

  • low-spiritedly, adverb
  • low-spiritedness, noun

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