[loh-uh l]
  1. Ab·bott Lawrence [ab-uh t] /ˈæb ət/, 1856–1943, political scientist and educator: president of Harvard University 1909–33.
  2. his sisterAmy,1874–1925, U.S. poet and critic.
  3. James Russell,1819–91, U.S. poet, essayist, and diplomat.
  4. Percival,1855–1916, U.S. astronomer and author (brother of Abbott Lawrence Lowell and Amy Lowell).
  5. Robert,1917–77, U.S. poet.
  6. a city in NE Massachusetts, on the Merrimack River.
  7. a male given name: from a Germanic word meaning “little wolf.”
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  1. Amy (Lawrence). 1874–1925, US imagist poet and critic
  2. James Russell. 1819–91, US poet, essayist, and diplomat, noted for his series of poems in Yankee dialect, Biglow Papers (1848; 1867)
  3. Robert (Traill Spence). 1917–77, US poet. His volumes of verse include Lord Weary's Castle (1946), Life Studies (1959), For the Union Dead (1964), and a book of free translations of European poems, Imitations (1961)
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