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[ lou-uh-ree, louuhr-ee ]


  1. dark and gloomy; threatening:

    a lowery sky.

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lowery1

1640–50; earlier lowry. See lower 2, -y 1

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Example Sentences

David Lowery of Camper von Beethoven and Cracker made this case in a viral post from 2012.

Lowery says he saw Cain out and about in Atlanta over the years, but rarely ever with his wife.

Why, it was Ms. Lowery in the living room with the yoga stick!

The conflict escalated when Police Officer R.S. Lowery, threatened to arrest the women if they refused to leave.

Even so, there was a mystical note missing until they brought on the 87-year-old Rev. Dr. Joseph E. Lowery for the benediction.

E may safely interpret a lowery day in haying time as a providential hint to go fishing.

Tom Lowery's family had been military; he claimed to have been a member of the last graduating class ever to leave West Point.

The sky was lowery, and the sandy road heavy with the recent rain, when we started.

It was a dark, lowery morning, not very inviting abroad, for an April shower was then falling.

Grizek was dead, but Bassett and Tom Lowery remained and they cooperated.





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