[ loo-suh-fair-ee-uhn ]

  1. an adherent of Luciferianism.

  1. relating or adhering to Luciferianism.

  2. relating to or resembling Lucifer.

  • Sometimes lu·ci·fer·i·an .

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How to use Luciferian in a sentence

  • As an ex-Luciferian, she instinctively shrank from a drink made in a cloister, or what she called an Adonac liquor.

  • Murray's fall had been more Luciferian, if less spectacular.

    The Trimmed Lamp | O. Henry
  • I warn you not to proceed with your Luciferian schemes, whatever they may be, sir, whatever they may be!

    Lewis Rand | Mary Johnston
  • Nothing which Pike has or is known to have written has any Luciferian complexion.

    Devil-Worship in France | Arthur Edward Waite