[ loo-kree-shuhs ]

  1. Titus Lucretius Carus, 97?–54 b.c., Roman poet and philosopher.

Other words from Lucretius

  • Lu·cre·tian, adjective

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How to use Lucretius in a sentence

  • In didactic poetry Lucretius was pre-eminent, and is regarded by Schlegel as the first of Roman poets in native genius.

  • Even in Lucretius, he said, what was poetry was not philosophy, and what was philosophy was not poetry.

  • Lucretius is scabrous and rough in these; he seeks them: as some do Chaucerisms with us, which were better expunged and banished.

  • And hence we find the same sort of clumsiness in the Timaeus of Plato which characterizes the philosophical poem of Lucretius.

    Timaeus | Plato
  • Gilbert Wakefield, second wrangler in 1776, published an edition of Lucretius, and was a man of great ability and energy.

British Dictionary definitions for Lucretius


/ (luːˈkriːʃɪəs) /

  1. full name Titus Lucretius Carus. ?96–55 bc, Roman poet and philosopher. In his didactic poem De rerum natura, he expounds Epicurus' atomist theory of the universe

Derived forms of Lucretius

  • Lucretian, adjective

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