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/ luʒ /
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a one- or two-person sled for coasting or racing down a chute, used especially in Europe.
verb (used without object), luged, lug·ing.
to go or race on a luge: to luge at nearly 70 miles per hour.
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Origin of luge

Borrowed into English from dialectal French around 1900–05


luger, noun
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What does luge mean?

Luge is a sport in which racers ride a sled (also called a luge) feetfirst down an ice-covered chute with the goal of reaching the finish line as quickly as possible.

The sport is sometimes also called luge sledding. Luge is an event in the Winter Olympics. It has traditionally featured solo racers, but there are also doubles luge events, in which two racers ride on the same sled, and relay events.

Luge is known as one of the sliding sports, along with skeleton and bobsleigh (also called bobsled), which take place on a similar course. In luge, racers ride on their backs, in contrast with skeleton, in which racers lie on their stomachs.

Luge is known for its high speeds, often exceeding 80 mph (129 km/h).

Luging is also sometimes done on natural courses.

Example: Luge is one of my favorite winter sports to watch because each run lasts only minutes.

Where does luge come from?

The word luge was borrowed into English from dialectical French and comes from the French word for “sled.” The first records of its use in English come from the early 1900s.

Luging developed as a kind of extreme form of sledding. The modern sport of luge began in the late 1800s in Switzerland.

Luge was added as an event at the Winter Olympics in 1964 and has been featured at every Winter Games since. A relay event was added in 2014.

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What are some other forms related to luge?

  • luger (noun)
  • luging (continuous tense verb, noun)

What are some synonyms for luge (the sport)?

  • luge sledding
  • luging
  • lugeing

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How is luge used in real life?

Luge is most popular in mountainous European countries like Switzerland, where the sport was developed. It is perhaps best known as an event in the Winter Olympics.


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Luge comes from a French word meaning what?

A. mountain
B. slope
C. ice
D. sled

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British Dictionary definitions for luge

/ (luːʒ) /

a racing toboggan on which riders lie on their backs, descending feet first
(intr) to ride on a luge

Word Origin for luge

C20: from French
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