[ ly-myer ]

  1. Au·guste Ma·rie Louis Ni·co·las [oh-gystma-reelwee nee-kaw-lah], /oʊˈgüst maˈri lwi ni kɔˈlɑ/, 1862–1954, and his brother, Louis Jean [lwee zhahn], /lwi ʒɑ̃/, 1864–1948, French chemists and manufacturers of photographic materials: inventors of a motion-picture camera (1895) and a process of color photography.

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How to use Lumière in a sentence

  • Yes, above all in the plural, seeing that then it rhymes not with three letters, but with four; as orniere does with lumiere.

    The Man in the Iron Mask | Alexandre Dumas, Pere
  • Mais le commun est qu'il a seulement trois cornes, & qu'il a quelque espece de lumiere en celle du milieu.

    The Witch-cult in Western Europe | Margaret Alice Murray

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/ (French lymjɛr) /

  1. Auguste Marie Louis Nicolas (oɡyst mari lwi nikɔlɑ). 1862–1954, and his brother, Louis Jean (lwi ʒɑ̃), 1864–1948, French chemists and cinema pioneers, who invented a cinematograph and a process of colour photography

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