lunatic asylum

  1. another name, usually regarded as offensive, for mental home

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How to use lunatic asylum in a sentence

  • There, get along; if he were not so grossly immoral, he would be fit to shut up in a lunatic asylum.

  • I told you of him, Dr. John Seward, the lunatic-asylum man, with the strong jaw and the good forehead.

    Dracula | Bram Stoker
  • To be hilarious in the Strand is to be unnatural, to court detention in a police cell or a lunatic asylum.

  • Thus had a madman prophesied of the boy one day when he and his nurse were taking a walk near the lunatic asylum at Charenton.

  • Sam Stay had been removed to a lunatic asylum, and he was dimly conscious of the fact that the man had escaped.

    The Daffodil Mystery | Edgar Wallace