lunch hour

  1. Also called: lunch break a break in the middle of the working day, usually of one hour, during which lunch may be eaten

  2. Also called: lunch time the time at which lunch is usually eaten

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How to use lunch hour in a sentence

  • Today is session three of the five-week lunch-hour course, “Meditation in Everyday Life,” at the New York Shambhala Center.

  • Now that you are here and it is lunch-hour, why not come with me.

    Polly in New York | Lillian Elizabeth Roy
  • Even at lunch-hour Una could not come to much understanding with the girls of the commercial college.

    The Job | Sinclair Lewis
  • He even took advantage of his lunch-hour to make a declaration of the birth at the mayor's.

    L'Assommoir | Emile Zola
  • Men go to their work reluctant and resentful and reach out for the support which the lunch-hour brings.

    The Green Rust | Edgar Wallace
  • By that time Mr. Bonbright was on hand with his sheaf of telegrams, and the lunch-hour was at hand ere they were cleaned up.