/ lʊnd /


  1. a city in SE Sweden, northeast of Malmö: founded in about 1020 by the Danish King Canute; the archbishopric for all Scandinavia in the Middle Ages; university (1668). Pop: 101 427 (2004 est)

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Example Sentences

Where Simmons is jocular in a kind of clever fratboy way, Lund is more refined in his language and more robust in his indignation.

Unlike Sofie Gråbøl's grim-faced and emotionally taciturn Sarah Lund.

This time, however, the victim is still alive, and Lund is forced to confront her past mistakes.

In contrast, Gråbøl makes Lund achingly believable, with all the complexities and frailties of real life.

I'm presently in a discussion with some friends about whether Isla Lund really wanted to end up with Rick Blaine or Victor Laszlo.

Intergradation with Dipodomys ordii fetosus occurs near Lund.

I should go round to ask after Lund, only I promised to meet an old thirty-fifth man here at five.

Our Major—Colonel Lund, you know—says he's a horrible old gossip, and you can't rely on a word he says.

The fact that she knew nothing proved that her mother and Colonel Lund had been anxious she should know nothing.

Colonel Lund wouldn't be any better for your coming, because he'll think of you going back through the fog, and he'll fret.