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[ luhst-fuhl ]


  1. full of or motivated by lust, greed, or the like:

    He was an emperor lustful of power.

  2. having strong sexual desires; lecherous; libidinous.
  3. Archaic. lusty.


/ ˈlʌstfʊl /


  1. driven by lust
  2. archaic.
    vigorous or lusty

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Derived Forms

  • ˈlustfulness, noun
  • ˈlustfully, adverb

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Other Words From

  • lustful·ly adverb
  • lustful·ness noun
  • un·lustful adjective
  • un·lustful·ly adverb

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Word History and Origins

Origin of lustful1

First recorded before 900; lust + -ful

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Example Sentences

In the context of Emma and Noah’s story, they become avatars for the lustful intensity of young love.

From Time

Now collected for the first time in a new book readers can fully experience this energetic, lustful, quiet hero.

Replacing the judging finger wag was the rapid mouse-clicking of lustful fans trying to find the photos ASAP.

But it was Berlin that was on the march—"the blood is there, and the hope, and the moody, lustful Wagnerian temperament."

To be thus targeted by his lustful eye and hands was a kind of a distinction, however distasteful the gesture was.

Don't look upon yourself any longer as being that drinking, swearing, lustful man.

For we shan't be having any more of our parks destroyed and our kiddies mutilated for the pride of a lustful nation.

Finally the evil that was done for gain by the greedy was refined on and done for pleasure by the lustful.

Robin Good-fellow, seeing of this, turned himself into the shape of a hare, and so ran between the lustful gallant's legs.

On the proud and peerless woman cast his loving, lustful eye, Sought to hold the high-born princess as his slave upon his knee!