[ luhs-ter ]

noun, verb (used with or without object),lus·tred, lus·tring.
  1. Chiefly British. a variant of luster1.

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How to use lustre in a sentence

  • Herbert rode up to him, as he stood staring with dazed, lack-lustre eyes at the company.

    God Wills It! | William Stearns Davis

British Dictionary definitions for lustre


US luster

/ (ˈlʌstə) /

  1. reflected light; sheen; gloss

  2. radiance or brilliance of light

  1. great splendour of accomplishment, beauty, etc

  2. a substance used to polish or put a gloss on a surface

  3. a vase or chandelier from which hang cut-glass drops

  4. a drop-shaped piece of cut glass or crystal used as a decoration on a chandelier, vase, etc

    • a shiny metallic surface on some pottery and porcelain

    • (as modifier): lustre decoration

  5. mineralogy the way in which light is reflected from the surface of a mineral. It is one of the properties by which minerals are defined

  1. to make, be, or become lustrous

Origin of lustre

C16: from Old French, from Old Italian lustro, from Latin lustrāre to make bright; related to lustrum

Derived forms of lustre

  • lustreless or US lusterless, adjective
  • lustrous, adjective

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