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[luhg-zhoor-ee-uhs, luhk-shoor-]
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  1. characterized by luxury; ministering or conducive to luxury: a luxurious hotel.
  2. given to or loving luxury; wanting or requiring what is choice, expensive, or the like: a person with luxurious tastes.
  3. given to pleasure, especially of the senses; voluptuous.
  4. present or occurring in great abundance, rich profusion, etc.; opulent: a luxurious harvest; music of luxurious beauty.
  5. excessively ornate; overelaborate: luxurious prose.
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Origin of luxurious

First recorded in 1300–50; Middle English word from Latin word luxuriōsus. See luxury, -ous
Related formslux·u·ri·ous·ly, adverblux·u·ri·ous·ness, nouno·ver·lux·u·ri·ous, adjectiveo·ver·lux·u·ri·ous·ly, adverbo·ver·lux·u·ri·ous·ness, nounpre·lux·u·ri·ous, adjectivepre·lux·u·ri·ous·ly, adverbpre·lux·u·ri·ous·ness, nounqua·si-lux·u·ri·ous, adjectivequa·si-lux·u·ri·ous·ly, adverbsu·per·lux·u·ri·ous, adjectivesu·per·lux·u·ri·ous·ly, adverbsu·per·lux·u·ri·ous·ness, nounun·lux·u·ri·ous, adjectiveun·lux·u·ri·ous·ly, adverb
Can be confusedluxuriant luxurious


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Related Words

sumptuously, largely, well, affluently, luxuriously

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Historical Examples

  • It might have been their own luxuriously appointed rooms at Mineola.

    Lords of the Stratosphere

    Arthur J. Burks

  • He was deliciously refreshed, luxuriously drowsy and luxuriously warm.


    Rafael Sabatini

  • She put her hand through his arm and leaned heavily and luxuriously.

    The Prisoner

    Alice Brown

  • I might tell the royal commissary to furnish these rooms as luxuriously as I pleased.

    Gerald Fitzgerald

    Charles James Lever

  • Blake disappeared with her into the luxuriously furnished car.

    Out of the Depths

    Robert Ames Bennet

British Dictionary definitions for luxuriously


  1. characterized by luxury
  2. enjoying or devoted to luxury
  3. an archaic word for lecherous
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Derived Formsluxuriously, adverbluxuriousness, noun

Word Origin

C14: via Old French from Latin luxuriōsus excessive


Luxurious is sometimes wrongly used where luxuriant is meant: he had a luxuriant (not luxurious) moustache; the walls were covered with a luxuriant growth of wisteria
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Word Origin and History for luxuriously



c.1300, "lascivious, lecherous, unchaste," from Old French luxurios "lustful, lascivious" (Modern French luxurieux), from Latin luxuriosus, from luxuria (see luxury). Meaning "given to luxury, voluptuous" (of persons) is from c.1600. Of things, meaning "characterized by luxury" is attested from c.1650. Related: Luxuriously; luxuriousness.

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