[ lahy-kuh-pod ]

  1. any erect or creeping, mosslike, evergreen plant of the genus Lycopodium, as the club moss or ground pine.

Origin of lycopod

1700–10; <New Latin lycopodium, equivalent to Greek lýk(os) wolf + -o--o- + New Latin -podium-podium; allegedly so named from the claw-like shape of the root
  • Also ly·co·po·di·um [lahy-kuh-poh-dee-uhm]. /ˌlaɪ kəˈpoʊ di əm/.

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How to use lycopod in a sentence

  • Another lycopod of this period, the Lomatophloyos crassicaule, attained dimensions still more colossal.

  • These two genera represent the climax of development of the lycopod family.

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British Dictionary definitions for lycopod


/ (ˈlaɪkəˌpɒd) /

  1. another name for a club moss, esp one of the genus Lycopodium

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