/ (ˈlɪdə) /

  1. another name for Lod

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How to use Lydda in a sentence

  • It was in accordance with this method that Eliezer taught at Lydda (Diospolis), a place which had formerly been a race-course.

  • A special ordinance was passed in the garret at Lydda that to teach was far more important than to merely practise the Law.

  • The surviving teachers of the Law assembled in a garret in Lydda, and deliberated on this question of life and death.

  • Tiberias was the home and the model of this branch of knowledge; Lydda is the only other town which is mentioned beside it.

  • At Lydda he healed a lame man, neas; at Joppa, on the coast, he raised Dorcas from the dead.

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